Slowing down time

Remember those scenes in movies where a car hits a guy, or a bullet shoots through a window – and the film-maker goes for this attention-grabbing slow motion technique that is gimmicky and utterly compelling to watch? Well, recently I was tasked with trying this out on the page. Here are the results. Comments welcome.

Original Line: I smuggled the chocolate square back to my room and enjoyed it.

Slow down description: I took my hand out of my pocket, holding in it a thick square of chocolate. I could make out the Cadbury logo that was imprinted diagonally across the square as I brought it up to my mouth. Small crumbs of chocolate threatened to fall off, but I grabbed them with my free hand and licked them hungrily. I opened my mouth, in anticipation of the treat that was just seconds away, salivating. The dark chocolate was a stark contrast to my pale palm. In one delicious moment, I placed the square firmly on my tongue, sniffing the strong dark chocolate bean smell that I had missed for so long, and let it sit on my tongue as I savoured it slowly. As it began to melt in my mouth, I found my tongue moving it around slowly as I bit into it delicately, wanting the taste to last. I chewed and swallowed the dark chocolate and licked the inside of my mouth, wanting to ensure that no crumb was left untasted inside me. 

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