Slowing down time – 2

Here is another slowing down time experiment:

Original line: I was hit hard on the back of the head and fell to the ground.

Expansion: I looked up to see what movies were playing when I felt a resounding thwack to the back of my head. My vision blurred, my ears began to ring and I felt dizzy. My knees buckled as I fell forward, dropping my phone and sunglasses on the floor. I put out my right hand to prevent my falling completely, but I was only partly successful in this as it only slowed my descent and I hit the pavement. I could feel a tooth loosen and the taste the warm blood oozing into my mouth now. The pavement had also grazed the outside of my chin and cheek and the skin felt raw. I heard Amit scream, You bastard. But I honestly couldn’t recognise what he was angry at me for. My eyes welled up as the pain began to register in my mouth, my face and the back of my head. 

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