Normally it’s finite time

That heightens my senses

The hurtling deadlines awaken me

Working hard to meet someone else’s goal.

But now,

the ticking is more sinister

unyielding Time passing, and

indubitably Life itself.

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

If not the hope of many many tomorrows.

The world in a grain of sand,

That was Buddha.

My entire squandered, useless.

Cherished, worthless,

Wonderful, pedestrian,

Unique, dull, magical

life – I watch passing unused and inefficiently, one hopes.

Before I blink

And wake again

To the noises and stench of life

That delight me awake from my torpor.

2 thoughts on “Deadline

  1. Have to read this several times maybe. Is it lethargy or is it self destruction? Need to read this again after a few days.


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